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From January 11, 2005 Kingman Leader-Courier

Tim Goldston, 29, a lineman for Kingman City, suffered severe burns to both hands and lower arms after coming into contact with a  12,700-volt line while doing repair work in the city.

Goldston was flown by helicopter to St. Francis Bum Center in Wichita. The accident happened around 4:10 p.m., Thursday.

It was reported to the City that both local banks. Citizens Bank and Kanza Bank, have set up an Assistance Fund for the Goldston family to provide financial assistance for his recovery.

Kingman city crews received help Friday when crews came in from McPherson, Clay Center and Pratt to assist with the work of restoring power to some 150 to 200 homes after the ice storm Tuesday, Jan. 4, crippled the area with massive power outages from fallen tree limbs that snapped lines.

"We continue to ask residents without power to call daily at City Hall at 532-3111. City Hall will remain open through the weekend," Beatty reported.

The City has designated two areas for tree limbs to be deposited:

1. The City storage area west of the shooting range (121 S. Main Street) and;

2. Next to City Water Well #8 on County Road NW 10th Avenue. As city crews begin recovery, tree limbs will be picked up if placed at the curbside. City Crews will not be available to cut down or remove trees within personal property,

County and City residents that need water can get it at the Kingman County Activity Center, which will be open for a rodeo this weekend. They also have showers that people may use as needed since many rural and city residents are still without power. An emergency shelter was established yesterday in Norwich at 226 Main Street. The shelter in Kingman at the United

Methodist Church will close it's shelter today (Friday) since other arrangements have been made for those that have been using their Facility.

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