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Feb. 11 , 1911 - "At the urgent invitation of the Pratt girls, the Kingman girls' basketball team took a trip up there the night of Tuesday... the girls went out on the freight, getting them into Pratt about 20 minutes before game time. Riding on a Wichita & Western freight train is not like touring in a private car when it come to recuperation, and the girls were not as fresh as the first daisy in spring when they arrived. However, after a few minutes rest they journeyed to the basketball court which was found in an abandoned harness shop. The hall was tastily decorated with two kerosene lamps and the boards on the floor being loose gave a nice swingy sensation when one attempted to run across them. The game went to Pratt by a score of 10 to 7 the excuse the Kingman maids give is "go look at that hall." The Kingman girls and Director Cragun say the Pratt people are not to be blamed for the condition of the court as this was the only vacant building in town of suitable size.

Nov. 1910 - A gym at last! School Board President, J.A. Cragun is erecting a two-story building on his lots on East A next to a building Mr. Ferguson is erecting. When finished it will be used as a high school gymnasium and fitted with necessary apparatus for a first class gym. An article three months later in the Feb. 25, 1911 edition reported that the Cragun court was gone.  The building was being plastered and furnished for the Fear and More Co., grocery firm.

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