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45th Reunion - July 3, 2010

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40th Reunion - July 2, 2005
Some of you guys are getting older, but the ladies still look fine!
(Notice who came late to avoid the picture.)

Back row, left to right: Larry Pitman, Sandy Day McGovney, Pam Yarberry Mieike (with face hidden, Jeannie McAdam ,
Beveriy Seifert Nelson is tucked in behind. Bonnie Wilson Eidem, Jan Kuhns, John Ellis, Larry Dutton, Leland Wilson behind
Phil Hildebrand, Bruce Burke and. Mike Conners on -the end.

The middle: Cheryl Lindt Kammerer, Linda Peterson Beachamp, Pat Osner Routh, Sarah Shoemake Solomon, Janet Nelson Arensdorf,
back a little, Marilyn Taber Drake, down to Jean McClure and back up to Sandy Wolfe, Faye Mitchell Lamdin, Ann Zerger Yeoman,
and Roy Riggs.

Front row: David Young, Tom Kostner, Alice Handkins Bair, Stanley Baker, Patty Robinson Boyer, Kay Campbell Fields and Betty
Fields Bohrer.

Ed Pulliam arrived just after the photo session.  Dennis Gillen left just before the photos were taken.  Joe Moore was also in attendance, but missed the photo.

35th Reunion - July 1, 2000

The Class of '65, as represented at the July 1, 2000 Joint reunion of the classes of '64 thru '66

Seated on the floor: David Young and Ron Kinsler. First Row: Joe Moore, Edith Lamb Valentine, Sherry Gracey Lowery, Linda Pritner, Nicholette Coon Harders, Bonnie Wilson Eidem and Alice Handkins Bair. Second Row: Diane Smith Burditt, Cheryl Lindt Robinson, Linda Peterson Beauchamp, Bette Fields Wallace, Sarah Shoemale Solomon, Judy Cole Reedy, Verlin McPheeters, Larry Pitman, Larry Dutton, Evelyn Taber Drake and Mike Fairchild. Third Row: Tom Kostner, Ed Pulliam, Carol Hendershot Johnson, Kay Campbell Fields, and Barbara Pestinger. Fourth Row: Roy Riggs, Stan Baker, Janet Nelson Arensdorf, Pam Yarberry Milke Chain, Patty Robinson Boyer, and Zack Hager Back Row: Leland Wilson, John Ellis, Mike Conners, Randy Heldenbrand, Phil Hildenbrand, and Dennis Gillen

30th Reunion - July 29, 1995

Senior Prom Snaps

(all photos are exclusive to this site. They are NOT from the yearbook)

Two Hours 'til Prom

Diana Hobson, Linda Pritner, Bruce Burke

Sandra Day, Kathy Krase, Christine Burket

Beverly Seifert and Dennis Garrison / Cathy Henning and Ed Pulliam

Behind the sceens, Sophmore servers and the kitchen staff

Future Class of '65
8th Grade Graduation Photo

The chorus line

Sarah captioned this one "Young and Innocent" I add: Well, maybe except for the Birthday Girl!

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