KHS Eagle Back on its Perch

Kingman Leader-Courier, July 1, 2005 - CAPTAIN SHAWN LUX checks over the Kingman Eagle after the lost bird was discovered by Joe White while mowing his yard at 2340 N. Broadway. The statue was hidden among a tree row and was not damaged. USD 331 school workmen transported the statue back to the high school where it was returned to the pedestal from which it was stolen several months ago.   (L-C photo)

                                                            --   Photo by your Webmaster

This photo appeared in the April Fool's edition of the Student Newspaper, "The Oracle"in 1965.

These were the days before computers and Photoshop software. 
The photo was "doctored" using an Exacto knife and rubber cement.

KHS Eagle is stolen

May 6, 2005 Kingman Leader-Courier -  The Kingman Eagle statue is missing. School authorities noticed the cement statue gone from its roosting place at the entrance to the school Monday, May 2.

     Principal Rick Henry said the school is anxious to get the statue back and would welcome any information concerning its whereabouts.

     Henry added that the statue, donated to the school long ago by a Mobil Oil dealer, is quite heavy and that it required a tractor with a loader to place it on display.

     From time to time the Eagle has been the victim of rival schools during sporting season and carries several coats of green paint but this is the first time the Eagle has been taken.

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