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Early Sports Photos

1906 Baseball Team

Photo and identification by by Doris Yeoman Howell

Back row: Frank Yeoman, unknown, unknown, Roy Mock, unknown.
Middle row: Everett McNahon, Wilber Gillette, Claude Brand, Lewis Doyle, Clark Wallace, Ralph Yeoman.
Front row: Joe Yeoman, unknown, Mark Cloud.


Early Baseball Team. Believed to be 1907

Identities furnished by Doris Yeoman Howell

Back row: Harry Knappenberger, Tom Haynes, Roy McPheeters, Roy Mock
Middle row: Frank Yeoman, Everett McMahon, Wilber Gillette, Noah Pipkin, Ralph Yeoman
Front row: Lewis Doyle Joe Yeoman, Leonard Bacon

1907 Football

(From the December 5, 1907 Kingman Leader-Courier) - The Thanksgiving football game was won by the (Kingman) high school team. The score was 6 - 0 against the Wichita High team. The Wichita team had about five pounds per player on the Kingman team, but that didn't stop Kingman from going through their line for a gain nearly every time.

Pictured are, back row: Lewis Doyle, Leonard Bacon, Joe Yeoman, Evart McMahan, Claud Brand and Charley Davis. Middle row: Paul Hall, Noah Pipkin, Roy McPheeters, Morton Whitelaw and Ralph Yeoman. Back row: Roy Reece, Frank Yeoman, Clark Wallace (captain), Roy Wait and Virgil Reed.

1908 Football

Sorry no info., unless you can read the names written on the photo.

1920 Basketball

Sorry, no identification came with the photo.

1924, we think, and we think we know who these men are.

We don't know what the trophys are for, but we believe the identities are: Paul Woods, '24; Eldon McCollum, ''24; Coach Gimple; Cecil Cheatum, '22 and Raymond Orme, '21.

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