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When you click above and sign the guest book, your entry is immediately available for viewing by everyone on the official guestbook.  Email addresses entered are automatically "munged" to make them unreadable by programs that harvest these addresses from web sites for spam mailing lists.

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Clicking the view link takes you to the guest book, where you can view your entry, and everyone's entry, with the latest entries being at the top of the page.  This page is searchable, using your web browser's Edit --> "Find on this page" feature.  At the top of the "View Guest Book" page you will also find links, where the entries (minus the comments) are sorted by Last Name, Grad. Class and Location (State, then City). These indexed pages are produced about once a week, so it may take a few days for newer entries to appear in the indexes.

 CHANGE  your Guest Book Entry

To request that your old entry be deleted (because it's out of date, or for any reason) click the link above.  Old entries require manual deletion by the webmaster, and may take a day or two.

Present and past faculty, administrators and school staff are
welcome to sign in too!

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