Kingman High School Alumni

Early 50th Reunions


In May, 1956, The Kingman Journal reports that half a century has rolled by for the KHS 14 graduates of the class of 1906 sat on the stage of the opera house and took turns "speaking their pieces." Most of them delivered orations they had composed.

The class of 1906 never had a reunion until 1956. Nine of the original class returned for the reunion. The clas members are seated L to R: Walton Sample, Wilbur Benefiel, Ralph McIlrath, Ollive Witt Coleman, Correa Walter Sample, Florence Roberson Trull, Lee Kabler, Claude Amerman and Leroy Cannon.


May 23, 1958 was the 50 year reunion for the class of 1908. The members of the class (on the front row) are: Noah Pipkin, Mrs. Joe Yoeman, Mrs. Grace Crotts, Mrs Lee Kabler, Miss Nellie Capps, Mrs. Charles Forbes and Clark Wallace. According to the newspaper, the class of '08 was a pioneer group in many ways, having been the first class to graduate from the Kingman County High School, and the first to graduate from the "new" building. They published the first annual and the first "Oracle."


May 29, 1959 marked the 50 year reunion of the class of '09. Twelve class members were present for the reunion. Pictured above are the class and their spouses and guests. Front row: Claud Brand, Frank Yeoman, Cecil McGinley Hughes, Evert McMahan, Ray Fairchild, Alta Hubbart Garrison, Nona Wallace Duckworth, Opal Souders Yeoman, Myrtle cooley Dostal, Catherine Connor Callahan, Correa Walter Sample, Ralph Yeoman. Second Row: Mrs. Claude Brand, Beth Baldwin Freeland, Elmer M. Oak, Pauline Hobson Oak, Maude Spurrier Wallace, Alvin W. Ault, Velma McPeek, Mrs Ray Fairchild, Clark Wallace, E.L. Garrison, Owen Duckworth, Ethel Shepherd McCullough, Nellie McCollum Stead, Emil Dostal, Lynda Kabler Read, Walton Sample. Third Row: Mrs Fred Hurd, Fred Hurd, C.W. McCullough, George Stead, L.L. Kabler, Hazel Sample Kabler.


50th reunion for the class of '11 was June 9th & 10th, 1961. The class of '11 can boast two firsts: they were the first to wear caps and gowns and the first Freshman class to enter the "new" high school building. Pictureed are class members and their spouses. First Row: Mrs. Maud Spurier Wallace, Mrs. Edna Freeland Baldwin, Mrs. Mamie Padgett Longenecker and George Stead. Middle Row: Mrs. Olive Lockhart, Mrs. Ethel Shepherd McCullough, Professor A.W. Ault (who was superintendent of the Kingman schools from 1904 to 1912,) Mrs Zelma Kelley Bollinger, Mrs. Nettie McCollum Stead, Mrs. Jesse Kabler, Clark Wallace. Back Row: Mrs. Ina Brownell Reynolds, Mrs. Jessie Johnson Haynes, Miss Mary Allen, Mrs. Hattie Sylvia Starkey, Mrs. Florence Temple Stevens, Miss Velma McPeek, Clifford Sykes, Mrs. Clifford Sykes, Lee Baldwin, Dr. Tom Haynes, Homer Reynolds, Ray Starkey, Clarence McCullough and Jess Kabler.

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