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Note:  We have been advised that the Kingman City Library has a scanner available for public use.  They also have most yearbooks for KHS.  If anyone in or near Kingman wants to use these resources to help us build this site, please contact the Library Director.

Best Way, 'cause it's easier for your webmaster:

Scan your yearbook or other photos at 72 or 75 dpi with descreen filter set to "magazine" if it is a yearbook photo. Maximum size needs to be 640 pixels wide for a web page.

Don't worry if you don't know how to re-size or otherwise change you scanner settings. JUST SCAN AND SEND 'em. We can fix 'em up on this end!

Then email to with info in the body of the email as to what class it is, who's in the photo, etc.

Other Way:

If you don't have a scanner, or don't know how to do the above, don't worry. Snail Mail works. Send the originals to Ed Pulliam,, 313 South Harmony Drive, Janesville, WI 53545.

Please provide the same info requested for the scans, and a return address. We will scan and post, and return the originals to you in a few days.

Submittals do not guarantee posting to the web site, but all submittals with return addresses will be returned.

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