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Our thanks to . . .

We need to thank some people who have contributed many hours of time to the building of this site. What follows is by no means a complete list of contributors, but just some of the alumni that have gone "above and beyond".

- Ed Pulliam, '65 - your webmaster  

Jim Branden, '56 is the one responsible for maintaining the class roster pages on the Skyways website at:
This is a valuable resource that we have linked to since almost the beginning.

Anita Cheatum (early sports photos, and some reunion photos)
Also, with her late husband Dan Cheatum (Class of '47), Anita owned Cheatum Printing and Litho, which published two books, containing senior photos and class highlights of the first 100 graduating classes at Kingman High School.  These two books have provided much of the content on this site.

Max Clark, '76 is the principal of grades K- 8 at Kingman Elementary School.  Max has served as a sort of unofficial contact with the school district on matters that required coordination, and has pointed us in the right direction to make some of our early efforts in sports coverage possible.

Mike Conners, '65.  Without Mike's valuable help, guidance and encouragement, this site would not be one-tenth what it is today. In addition, Mike is responsible for all of the scans from the Cheatum Printing and Litho books mentioned above

Lanny Gridley, '94 is the technical brains behind this effort, plus a big benefactor.  When our early efforts on an advertiser supported web server came to an abrupt end with the bankruptcy of the service provider, Lanny and his company stepped forward with an offer to host the site FREE on his server.  That's why the only ads you will see here are on a few of our "gizzmo" pages, like the chat rooms and search engine, which are provided free to us with advertiser support.

Anita Kirkpatrick, '73 (late 60's and early 70's class pages), as well as contributing much valuable advice on site content, design and more, Anita is also a new friend I met through this site.

Sarah Shoemake Solomon, '65.  Like Anita Kirkpatrick, Sarah has contributed much valuable input into the direction this venture has taken.  Sarah is also our "office" in Kingman. and our contact to our hometown.  Since everyone else mentioned on this page except Anita Cheatum and Max Clark, is scattered around the country, Sarah has been invaluable as our local contact.

And Others too Numerous to Mention.

We've started putting photo credits on material submitted, but in the early days we didn't do that, and we guess we thought we would always remember who sent the stuff in.  Of course, we don't remember.  Many alumnus have sent in a photo or two, or their whole class page contents, and we thank you all.  If you would like a credit for your contribution, please email, and we'll give you the credit you deserve!

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