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Ed L. Pulliam, Class of '65


Once again I ask - anyone with some knowledge of plain html web site coding or a "what you see is what you get" web editing software want to take over as webmaster for this site, to take it to a new level? I'll continue to fund the hosting for the forseeable future, as I have paying clients that cover the costs.

Sophie and I plan to be back in Kingman for a few days in mid-May for our oldest son's weading in Wichita. We are planning an RV trip with youngest son, his wife and two daughters. We have never done this before, so it should be fun.


We have added new guestbook signers to the home page. I see a few names that I don't recognize, and that don't match up with the posted graduates that we have listed. Do us suppose they wandered here while looking for another KHS site and didn't realize that the picture on the home page wasn't their school?

Do you all know about the Facebook page "You know you are from Kingman when" - follow this link:

Plans as of today are that Sophie and I will be back in Kingman to visit family and attend my 50th Class Reunion July 3, 2015. I'm looking forward to being in my hometown for the first time in three years, and am looking forward to connecting with many of my classmates again!

Our web site has been busy, in spite of few recent updates. Since the first of the year, we have averaged over 1,200 unique visitors per month, with an average of 6 pages viewed per visitor. That's pretty good for a site based on a small high school in a small Kansas town!


Latest updates: We have added the last 30 signers to the Guest Book to the left column of the home page. Please note that the guest book signers, sorted by last name, location, and class is somewhat out of date. We had a database crash that left us with only an out of date data file. We are restoring it manually, and hope to have it updated soon. The unsorted guestbook page is unaffected by the data problem, and can be searched using your browser's "find on this page" option.


Please, please don't be mislead by any messages coming to you from, claiming to be from this site. It ain't us. We are not asking you for money. We have thousands of pages of content, while they have, at best, 100.

5/15/14 Updates on policy changes and content on this website:

We have never had ads on our site. We do use some ad supported providers for some of our services, because they have more time and expertise than I have at preventing data you might provide from being used by third parties. These provider services are on the Guestbook, Message Board, and Postcards, pages, as well as the contact us page, or any other page that would send a message to us. I have paid for these services to be ad free for many years. Recently, I must have missed a payment, as ads have started showing up on the Guestbook, Message Board, and the little visited Postcards pages.

After viewing the pages, I decided that the single, static, banner ad at the top of the page was not a problem. Please understand that your volunteer webmaster does not endorse these advertisers, has no control over what ads are shown, and receives no revenue from the ads.

The contact form is from a different company, which we will continue to pay for ad free service.

This second contractor also provides the chat room page, which is almost never used. I have decided to take this feature down, as it uses JAVA code, and requires a JAVA plug on your browser to work. JAVA has been determined to be a major security issue in the last few months, so I think it's best that this feature goes away. continues to be the ONLY real alumni site for Kingman High School. We have well over 1,000 pages of content, including content from every single class from the first class in 1887 through 2010. Your webmaster is a real live KHS graduate (just barely, some would say). All the other websites that may email you want to sell you sweatshirts, or charge you an annual or lifetime membership fee, and they have less than 10% of the content we offer.

Thanks for visiting


As you may be aware, a major vulnerability (named HeartBleed) has recently been discovered for OpenSSL, the popular encryption software that powers 2/3 of the web. Some services and products rely on OpenSSL, including the Guestbook, Message Board, and the seldom used Chat feature.

We take the security of our alumni members data very seriously and at this time have no evidence of any compromise, but like many web companies, our security team took immediate action to proactively address the issue.


Several alumni have asked me why we haven't posted a Year in Review from the pages of the Leader-Courier for 2013, as this was one of our most visited sites. The Courier decided to go a different route this year by publishing a This week in history series. 

It consists of weeks in review of events from the week in the past year, then selected past year's weeks from the same week.

The new format didn't fit in with this website's format, and would have required 52 weeks of site updates, which was more than your volunteer webmaster could commit to. Add to that, we would need to secure permission from the Leader-Courier publisher for permission to publish the new format. All of it was too much for us to make it happen. If you want to see the new feature, you can subscribe to the Online Edition,, as I do.


Wow, 7 months since I posted anything. To be honest, seven months since much has happened with the site.

We have updated the new guestbook signers names on the home page for the first time in several months, and have updated the guestbook search pages by last name, graduating class, and location.


The Year in Review for 2012 is now complete on this website.


The Year in Review, from the Kingman Leader-Courier presented a challenge to us to get posted on the web site, due to the new publisher's decision to make it a much larger feature than in the past. We now have January through September reformated for web publication, and decided to publish what we have done. October through December will be added to the page within a week.


The Class of 2010 is now represented on this site. The class is welcome to post additional pictures to the site, by emailing them to

This completes all the class posting I can do, as I don't have access to the 2011 and 2012 Yearbooks.


The Class of 2009 is now represented on this site. The class is welcome to post additional pictures to the site, by emailing them to

Only one more class to go, then I'm out of yearbooks again. Classes of 2011 and 2012 need to step up and help out.


The Class of 2008 is now represented on this site. The class is welcome to post additional pictures to the site, by emailing them to


The Class of 2007 is now represented on this site. The class is welcome to post additional pictures to the site, by emailing them to

For those of you who don't subscribe to the Kingman Leader-Courier, and are waiting for the 2012 Year in Review feature to appear here, the new publisher, Jason Jump, has expanded the content, and the content published in the L-C is only complete through August, 2012, as of this post. We'll get it online about a week after the feature is completed in the L-C. Want to see it sooner . . . you could always subscribe to the Online Edition, as I do.


Scanning and posting these newly acquired yearbook pages is going much slower than planned. My Significant Other, Sophie was ill before we made our hurried trip to Kansas. She got worse after we returned to Wisconsin, and ended up hospitalized with a blood disorder. After 4 days in the hospital, and 4 units of blood, plus tests to find out what was happening, she was released, and is feeling much better. That, plus business matters have kept me away from getting any more scanning and posting done.

But, today, in the early morning hours, I have put up photos from the Class of 2006.


I found the time this afternoon to put up yearbook photos from the Class of 2005. The class is welcome to post additional pictures to the site, by emailing them to

Classes of 2006 - 2010 can expect pages to be uploaded during the next couple of weeks, as time permits.


Something good came from a bad thing! Sophie and I lost our Daughter in Law, Reba Pulliam, to an, as yet unknown to us, medical problem on 9/13/12. This necessitated a hastily planned trip back to Kingman.

While there, I had some time on my hands, as there was a lot of family support for my son, Edward and his family, from the Henning family, and Reba's foster parents, Becky and Jerry.

I managed to get to the Leader Courier office, where I met with Jason Jump, the new Publisher of the Leader-Courier. Jason graciously agreed to extend to our website the same right to publish limited articles appearing in the L-C as had been extended by the former Publisher, to include reunion news, and the year end "News in Review" feature.

I also visited the library, in hopes of scanning in a few yearbook photos from the 2005 and later classes. Unfortunately, I found that, while the library had the 2005 yearbook, that was the only one they had from the later graduating classes.

The librarian suggested the USD 331 district office as a possible source, so off I went to the district office. There, I met a very helpful young lady, Megan Bough (class of 2002, if I remember correctly) who offered to loan us the yearbooks from 2005 through 2010.

Over the next few weeks, as time permits, I'll do some scanning and posting of senior pictures and other yearbook photos from the 2005 - 2010 yearbooks..


We have updated the new guestbook signers names on the home page for the first time in several months, and have updated the guestbook search pages by last name, graduating class, and location. We have also added some info on upcoming reunions.


Any of you receive an email message that starts out like this?

"We are now offering our 2012 Graduation membership offer to all classes. This is your last chance to join our 2012 Alumni with a Lifetime membership for only $20. We will be changing back to our $20 annual fee soon, so upgrade today."

Please know that, as long as this site is alive (which could be as long as I am,) There will NEVER be a charge to access this site. And I think it fair to say that this site will ALWAYS have more content than any of the paid sites, run by people with no connection to Kingman High School.

Did you know that the Kingman Leader-Courier has a new Publisher/Owner, and a new web site? The new publisher is Jason Jump, and, if the new web site is any indication, he will be able to take the Leader-Courier to a new level of local journalism.


One of our most popular features, the Year in Review, from the pages of the Kingman Leader-Courier has just been placed online. for 2011. You can view it HERE. Thanks to Publisher Bob McQuin and Editor Connie Schoenhofer for making this content available to us. If you want to see ALL of the content of the weekly issues of the L-C, you can subscribe to the print or online editions of your hometown newspaper by GOING HERE. We have the last TEN YEARS of  The Year in Review from the pages of the Kingman Leader-Courier online.


The website has been updated with the latest guestbook signers listed on the home page, and the guestbook sorts by Class, Name, and Location have also been updated.

It always surprises me to see the number of people who graduated from KHS, as in Kingman High School in Kingman ARIZONA, who sign our guestbook. Do they not notice the picture of our high school on our home page, and realize they are on the wrong site? Be very glad you didn't graduate from their school!



The class reunion story and pictures from your 40th class reunion are on line HERE.


The website has been updated with the latest guestbook signers listed on the home page, and the guestbook sorts by Class, Name, and Location have also been updated.


It would be tax day, were it not for some quirk in the calendar in DC.

I just updated the guest book signers list on the home page, and uploaded the new sort pages by name, class, and location.

As I did this, I realized that it had been two months since I had updated these pages. We really need a new webmaster!

Any volunteers? Email:  


This post has been a long time coming, and I extend apologies to his wife Eileen; daughter Shelley of Dover, New Hampshire; brother John of Kansas City, Kansas; sister Elaine of Lansing; and sister-in-law Joyce Henry of Caro For the delay in posting. I can't always post obituaries for all KHS alumni who have passed away, other than to make the annual Year in Review post. But I do have to post one for a special friend from my days in Boy Scouts, as well as the older brother of my friends John Ellis and his Sister  Elaine Ellis. The obituary of Jim Ellis, Class of '61.


2010 Year in Review from the pages of the Kingman Leader-Courier. Jan. through Nov. are now online, with December to follow about a week after publication in the L-C.


2010 Year in Review from the pages of the Kingman Leader-Courier. Jan. through Sept. are now online, with the balance to follow about a week after publication in the L-C.


We have begun posting the 2010 Year in Review from the pages of the Kingman Leader-Courier. Jan. through May are now online, with the balance to follow about a week after publication in the L-C. If you want to see the rest of the highlights sooner, why not SUBSCRIBE to your Hometown Newspaper. If you no longer live in the Kingman area, I highly recommend the new electronic delivery option. It's a lot cheaper, and you get it the same day the folks in your hometown receive it.


Another bogus email is going around.  Here's the one I got yesterday. This email has nothing to do with this site, which has always been totally free.

Happy New Year Ed!

Next year for 2011 our Kingman Alumni Site will be changing from a $20 Lifetime Membership fee to a $20 annual fee. This is the perfect opportunity to become a Lifetime Member while it's still a one-time fee. Thanks for supporting our alumni site!

Use the following link to become an upgraded Lifetime Member:



I got an email recently from a Wm. King, with a photo of a 1895 KHS graduate that we didn't have a photo available from the Cheatum Printing Co. "KHS, The First Hundred Years" publication. Mr. King said in his email that he had purchased the photo on eBay.

The photo is of C.J.Albaugh, and Mr. King suggests he would have been about 26 at the time the photo was taken.


I got another email today which could make some feel it came through this site. It starts out like this:

"Show your school spirit with custom alumni gear and take 10% OFF of your entire order! Simply enter your customer ID #4503 at checkout to receive your 10% discount.

Click this link to start browsing":

I did, for a limited time, and with absolutely no success, offer some KHS Alumni sweatshirts, etc. as a way to help with site expenses. There was not a single order, and I soon dropped the idea.

These emails are not coming from me, and will not benefit this site, or KHS in any way.

Every dime of money expended for the hosting and maintenance of this site has come from either Lanny Girdley, '94, or me.

If anyone wants some good quality KHS Alumni sweatshirts, or other apparel items, email me, and I can reactivate the pages on this website. Proceeds of the sales from this site will go to the maintenance of this site, and to scholarships for KHS students.


I don't know if any others have received any unsolicited emails from various "KHS Alumni websites" recently, but I have gotten a couple in the last week or so. The first one urged me to hurry and buy a "lifetime membership" in the site, as they were converting to a membership based (i.e. pay) site.

Today's message informed me that I had been invited to join old friends from the class of 1965 at Kingman High School at USA Reunited.

Please be aware that these messages have absolutely nothing to do with this site. They are FOR PROFIT ventures, owned and operated by people who have no connection to Kingman or KHS.

The only ads you will see on this site are on the (little used) chat room, and when using the search feature on our home page. These features have been assigned to other services, not controlled by this site's owner, and no ad revenue is received by us.

To the best of our knowledge, this website is the only all school Kingman High alumni website on the Internet. It contains over 1,000 pages, including grad. class information for every class, from the first one in 1887 through 2004. We'd be happy to add the classes from 2005 - 2010 if we could get information from those graduates.

To read more about how came to be, CLICK HERE.


My significant other (Sophie) and I just spent a week in Kingman, to visit with my eldest son, Edward and his lovely fiance Rebba, and their family, my middle son, Steven, who happened to be visiting his mother at the same time we were there, and also to attend my 45th class reunion.  Much thanks to Tom Kostner, Sarah Shoemake Solomon, Janet Nelson Arensdorf, and all the others who helped to put this great celebration together.

For pictures of the reunion, go here:



It is sad to report the death of Bob Pulliam. Bob was a cousin of mine (I never have been able to figure out those things exactly). He served in the Navy during WWII, and then joined the US Postal Service, and was a postal carrier in Kingman for many years.

He also served on the City Commission and as Mayor of Kingman.

His complete obituary from the Kingman Leader-Courier is available here.



The Year in Review, taken from the pages of the Kingman Leader-Courier is now online here.

Many, many thanks to Connie McQuin Schoenhofer, Class of '71 and Editor of the Leader-Courier, for furnishing me a MS Word copy of this year's review. It saved me many hours of work in getting this feature on the website.



2010 is the tenth anniversary year of the KHS Alumni Web Site (see our history here). But, I'm sad to say, the site is on life support at the moment. This site only grows as more content is added, and that isn't happening. The latest graduating classes (since 2004) have not added content to the site. It's easy to do, just see HERE for details.

So here's the deal . . . If we don't receive more content during 2010, this will become an archive site, and will receive no further maintenance or support. If another KHS Alumni wants to take over the maintenance of the site, they can contact ME for details on how to make that happen.  

I have devoted 10 years of time and monetary support to the site. I appreciate the support of the many people who have added content over the years. But the time has come to have a clear focus on what's ahead in the future. I'm thinking now that the vision that Sarah and others had in 2000 may end soon. I hope that doesn't happen.


I just realized today that it's been quite a while since any of the class pages have been updated, or any new content added to this site except content we have been allowed to lift from the pages of the Kingman Leader-Courier.

If this site is to grow in content, it has to be a group effort. Your volunteer webmaster has lived away from Kingman since 1965 (that's 44 years for those who had math grades as bad as mine).

We need content from recent graduating classes, stories and photos from class reunions, old HS snapshots sitting in a shoebox in your closet . . . you get the idea.

Here's how to submit info for this site.


The guestbook has been updated today. When you post to the guestbook, your file is automatically created, with the latest being at the top of the page. However, the sort by class, name and location pages require my personal intervention, which I usually try to get to weekly.  This has been a rough month, with a lot going on in other areas of my life, and it's been about six weeks since I've gotten to the task.

Have I mentioned lately that I would really like for someone to step up to the plate and take this alumni website to the next level? Contact me at if you think you might be interested.


There are a number of web domains that are spaming our members, pretending to represent Kingman High Alumnus. To the best of my knowledge, this site, and (the school district's official website for KHS) are the only legitimate web sites you might want to visit.

The rest will be happy to serve you ads, or other, more harmful types of Internet garbage.


Finally, the 2008 Year In Review page is complete. I'm sorry it took me a little longer than usual to get it done this year. I always see something I missed when the home town paper originally published the news, when I prepare the Year In Review feature. Sadly this year it was obituaries I had missed for a classmate, and a close friend and classmate's mother.


The 2008 Year in review is half done. Leader-Courier issues through June, '08 are now included HERE.


I'm working on the 2008 Year in Review page. This is a feature from the Kingman Leader-Courier, which we use every year, with the kind permission of the L-C Publisher, Bob McQuin. The Jan. 1, 2009 edition of the Courier featured the first quarter of the review. That portion is now on our site HERE. The rest of the annual review is complete, and has been published by the Courier. We'll get the balance online in the next week or so.


As 2009 approaches, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all KHS Alumni, and their loved ones a very Happy New Year. Although I have spend many more years away from Kingman than I spent living there, I still get the feeling that I'm home when I return. I enjoyed just walking through the downtown area so much when I was back in October.

Perhaps my mentions of the Kingman Leader-Courier are getting old, but understand that, not only did I grow up as part of that local institution, but I owe the current publisher and past publishers, back to the early 1940's for the income they provided my family to provide me a higher education, and a chance at the adventures I have had in life.

Beyond that, I was raised to appreciate the print media as the best way to get an in depth understanding of what's going on, be it the local community or the nation and world. So, my local daily, the Janesville Gazette, as well as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and, yes, The Kingman Leader-Courier, are all on my regular reading list.

So, pardon me as I once again express my appreciation to Connie Schoenhofer, the new editor of the L-C, and her staff, for the continued good work they are doing to make the L-C a more readable and interesting publication. And don't miss their new website at



I have to say a few words about the changes taking place at the Kingman Leader-Courier. Those of you who know me know that I grew up hanging around the local paper office. Although I was never a real employee of the L-C, my dad was, but only for 50+ years. I don't think there was a machine in the back room of the paper office that I didn't have my hands on at one time or another.

The current owner and publisher of the L-C, Bob McQuin  recently turned over the editing duties to his daughter, Connie Schoenhofer. There have been some remarkable changes to the paper in recent weeks that bring it up to date with the times, and a much easier to read format. As an old journalism student, who has followed the trends in newspaper layout over the years,  I'd like to offer my congratulations to Connie and her associates Ashlee Arnsdorf, Irene Arnsdorf, and new staffer Anita Kirkpatrick (who has been a frequent contributor to this website). I think the L-C has a bright future ahead with you ladies at the helm.

By the way, the Leader-Courier has a new website, and you can find it here.


I recently returned from a, regrettably infrequent, visit to Kingman. The reason for the visit was to visit my eldest son and grandchildren, and meet his future bride and her twin daughters, as well as the rest of our Kingman based grand kids..

That we could plan our trip to coincide with at least part of the Kingman 125 Celebration was an extra bonus.

I want to thank some people for making our trip so memorable. Naturally, at the top of the list is my son, also an Ed Pulliam, his future bride, Rebba Knapp, Her daughters Madison and Fallon, and our grand kids in Kingman, Whisper, Cheyenne, and Cole. And thanks too to Shannon and Jesse. Sorry we didn't get to spend more time with you two during this trip.

Beyond that, I'd like to thank some people I don't know. Sarah and Tad Hacker, Greg Graffman, and all the other great volunteers that put on a terrific celebration for the Kingman 125 celebration. We didn't get to enjoy all the festivities, because we didn't arrive until mid week.  But the parade, the pageant, the courthouse tour, and the car show were events we certainly enjoyed. While we weren't able to attend the  all school reunion, we were  very pleased to hear that there were many favorable comments about the Alumni Web Site.

One additional thing that made our visit very special to us was the great accommodations and hospitality at the Savannah House in downtown Kingman. Rick and Carol Francis were the perfect hosts. My wife Sophie and I  truly felt like we had a home again in Kingman. It was the first time I had felt that way since I sold the family home  in 1991. It was Sophie and my first stay in a B&B, and we really enjoyed the experience. If you are looking for lodging on your next visit to Kingman, Please consider the Savannah House. Yes, it's more expensive than the other local lodging choices, but it is well worth it!

Thanks also to my best buddy, Sarah Solomon and her husband Larry for their usual great hospitality. It's always a pleasure to visit with the two of  you when we get back home.


SO, what the hell was I thinking back in 2000, when I read a column in the Leader-Courier by Sarah Solomon that there had been a discussion during a joint reunion of the classes of  '64, '65, and '66 about creating a web site where alumni could reconnect with former classmates.

I had just started a little company to sell a software product I had developed, and had developed a website to sell the software. Wow! I was an Internet Mogul!

I could do this. And even though I wasn't sitting at the table that came up with the idea, I'd had a crush on Sarah since she moved to Kingman during grade school, so what the hell, I SHOULD do this! (Note to Sarah's husband, the Judge, I will behave myself anytime I am in your jurisdiction).
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